Fine-tuning (K)ubuntu and installing some astro/math packages

I love the Ubuntu operating system. However as an astrophysicist, I have a few additional requirements, viz. installing the astronomical software (e.g. HEASOFT, ISIS, IRAF), mathematics libraries (e.g. GSL), and plotting packages (e.g. gnuplot and pgplot). Some of these (and their pre-requisites) are non-trivial and takes a fair amount of searching the internet. Therefore I am trying to put these things together here, so it can be helpful (mainly to me, but maybe others too) for future reference.

Disclaimer: These settings are what I like (today … 2019-Mar-30) … so beware …

1. Setting up ubuntu

2. Now to the non-standard mathematics/astronomy/astrophysics packages

3. image analysis tips

4. latex/dvips random stumbles

5. Tips & tricks

This page was created by Dipankar Maitra, in an attempt to learn some of the wiki-lingo.

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